The Future of Recruitment strategy: Upcoming Trends 2019

Future of Recruitment strategy
Dan Smirnov

It’s time to rethink your recruitment strategy and device a new plan to find the best one to recruit and enhance your workforce in 2019. While some of the last year’s trends are still in vogue, new recruitment practices have been introduced which has been predicted to bring transformative changes in the recruitment scenario in the forthcoming year.

A total Recruitment Marketing strategy

One of the prominent trends in recruitment that is going to be dominant in 2019 is Recruitment Marketing. To survive and secure an edge over the other companies it is important to obtain the best talent and a major strategy that can help to achieve it is the Recruitment Marketing. This recruitment strategy includes marketing insights to attract and engage quality talents to build a strong talent pipeline for the organization.

Employer Branding is essential

It is crucial to develop a positive and favorable image to attract quality candidates as many recent survey and reports have indicated that candidate like to perform a prior search on the company and find about the company reputation from the blogs, social media, and websites. So it is important to use intelligently various media and channels at disposal to establish an employer brand that candidates can trust and eager to be part of and join gladly.

Inbound Recruitment over Outbound Recruitment

The recruitment strategy should be defined depending on the nature of the organization and the recruitment need that has to be fulfilled. There is a major shift that has been observed in recruitment strategy and that will remain unchanged in the coming 2019 is recruiters preferring inbound recruiting over the outbound recruiting process. Rather than offering your candidate a position, emphasize is on the candidates choosing the organizations as their employers and to make it happen it is important to market and project the organization in a way so that candidates will want to join the organization voluntarily to enrich the workforce.

A positive Candidate Experience

Pleasant candidate experience is another recruitment strategy that has been gaining momentum among the recruiters as it is not enough to attract the candidate or find one but to hire and retain a quality candidate recruiter must ensure recruitment process is smooth and hassle-free so that candidate will go through the best possible experience while getting recruited. A personalized candidate experience can works as the first phase of recruitment marketing by inducing trust among the candidate and by building a positive image of the organization.

Innovative Social Media Recruiting strategy

A new trend in recruitment that is quite popular and proved to be effective is using social media for recruiting. Posting jobs and enhancing the recruiter profile is not all that recruiters can get from social media but its effective use can be extended more to benefit the recruiters. Various social media channels are already in use to search and validate the candidates. Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are getting used for tapping potential talents and sites like LinkedIn is being used to validate the skills of the job seekers. Also, it can work as a very effective weapon in terms of recruitment marketing and employer branding if used properly.

Exploring Interviewing Technique and tools

Recruiters are always in search of new interviewing tools which helps them to assess and measure the candidate’s potential and growing importance of soft skills and cultural diversity it is necessary to discover and use new interviewing tools. Recently structured interviews are gaining popularity among employers as free from personal bias and highly reliable they are gaining more popularity as a tool for hiring purposes.

Recruitment automation tools and technologies

It would have been an understatement if we say in the past few years recruitment strategy has been transformed. It has been revolutionized with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Data-driven recruitment leads to more diversified hiring. Effective use of predictive analytics, different measures and metrics have enabled bias-free recruitment process. Sophisticated new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are being employed to handle a large amount of data efficiently to help the recruiter to source and validate profiles more accurately.

And How MyAmichi can help?

The recruitment process, policies, and methods are important as these will represent how your organization works and introduce your enterprise to a candidate. A good hiring experience creates a good impression of the employer and also helps to enhance the image of the organization which leads to an augmented brand image and supports your recruitment marketing efforts largely. MyAmichi is not merely a platform that helps you to find candidates but with the streamlined recruitment process, it makes sure that candidates will go through a smooth and efficient procedure while get hired and also enjoy their hiring experience all along. Our experienced recruiters lend their genuine support to the candidates and also represent the employers effectively so that the quality candidates get interested to join your organization.

In #MyAmichi candidates regularly get the jobs that are exclusively matched to their profiles from open positions posted and candidates can easily apply to the jobs they are interested in through the platform, which encourages inbound recruiting where candidates chose to apply to the jobs and organizations rather than recruiter approaching them. In MyAmichi we recognize the potential of social media. Once the jobs are posted in MyAmichi automated process ensures that those positions are also shown in various social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Jobs etc. all the major destinations for job seekers too. And LinkedIn is also used as a source to validate the candidate profiles present in the database. The automated process allows to launch an interview request without involving any other channels and also recruiters can chat with the candidates directly through the platform.

MyAmichi is a Smart Hiring Platform empowered with new-Age technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Parsing Mechanism and possessing a large database of candidates across the industry. MyAmichi with these new technologies at the core is able to efficiently automate the recruitment process is a perfect example of the future of hiring, 2019 and beyond. It can understand a recruiter’s need, analyze it from different aspects as well as existing profiles are also been screened and validated. Then the MyAmichi system source and provide a list of matching candidates to the employers to recruit. Unlike any human recruiter, it can process and manage a large amount of data in a very little time. The recruitment process becomes completely error-free and devoid of human biases platform is able to deliver auto sourced and verified candidates in real time to the recruiters. Along with that MyAmichi has offered their expert support with Premium Hybrid Recruitment Service which combines the experience of the professional MyAmichi recruiters with the abilities of Smart Hiring Platform to your aid.

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