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Artificial Intellegence  Future Of Hiring with Myamichi
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Before the advent of the internet, the process of finding the right job and the right candidate for both the job seeker and the recruiter was a troublesome task. Since then the entire industry has gone through a revolutionary change. Moreover, the extensive advancements in the technology and our ever-increasing usage rather a dependence on the digital mediums has prompted recruiters to employ new ways of recruitment.

Nowadays, companies are using social media along with other recruitment platforms to declare openings, find candidates, and recruit the right talent. At times, these prove beneficial, but sometimes even the latest tools and platforms cannot guarantee the desired results. This is mainly because of a large amount of data and information that is generated these days. And if you get entangled in this data and are unable to make a decision in time, the right candidate might get away, leaving you with the only option to initiate the entire process all over again. This only leads to frustration and the ruination of your precious time, efforts and at times money as well.

The Need for a Revolution

Today, there are a number of online services and platforms that help you recruit the candidate for the desired roles. However, the problem with most of these is that they require a lot of human involvement. This wastes a lot of your time and hardly makes the job easy. Most platforms, only allow you to find candidates while reaching out to them is another task. Moreover, maintaining and processing all the data and information as well as tracking the entire process has to be done manually.

Therefore, there is a need of a system or tool that can bring order to all the chaos, simplify the process, make it more effective and help you choose the best candidate by processing the tonnes of data generated on a daily basis with very little or no human intervention. And this is where Artificial intelligence (AI) is of great aid. In fact, AI is the next revolution that the recruitment industry desperately needs.

The Solution

We have created “MyAmichi – A Smart Hiring platform” that eliminates the traditional recruitment process. It’s a two-way digital platform that proactively involves both recruiters and candidates in the process. It is backed by a smart algorithm that is based on Deep Machine Learning, Neural Parsing Mechanism and the unique behavior analyze mechanism. So, the candidate gets a list of best-suited jobs according to his/her updated profile on the website. And the recruiter gets the best candidates for each job posting, allowing them to connect engage and hire the right talent faster than ever.

MyAmichi is taking the recruitment process to another level, with its real-time solutions and benefits that it offers using smart technology and real-time machine learning. This revolutionary platform gives you an AI-powered solution for virtually every part of the recruitment process. Moreover, it is an extremely cost-effective recruitment solution as compared to other Job platforms in India.

Why MyAmichi?

MyAmichi is not just another hiring solution, it’s an AI-powered one-stop platform for sourcing, profiling, interviewing, matching and hiring with minimal human involvement. It not only reduces your hiring costs, but also makes the process easier, faster, and efficient allowing you to take better decisions quickly. Along with this, it also makes the recruitment process transparent by reducing the bias as well as improving the candidate experience.

Today, MyAmichi has translated as key solutions for both the recruiter and job seeker through years of rigorous research & development that involved identifying the challenges and continuously working on them.

Following are some very good reasons why recruiters and hiring managers are embracing MyAmichi’s AI-powered candidate profiling system:

  • Zero down on the right candidate for any and every job effortlessly
  • 360-degree job suitability analysis of every connected candidate profile
  • A smart algorithm to match the job vacant posting with the right job seeker
  • Automatic filtering of active and passive job seekers
  • Hourly update of new, validated candidate profiles
  • Choose candidates who are in sync with the company’s requirements
  • Validate data using verified external sources
  • Many more HR tools and features

With such breakthrough features and proven credibility MyAmichi is the solution that the professional industry always needed. Undoubtedly, now is the time to move from the traditional methods of hiring and finding a job and let AI make the revolutionary change in recruitment.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit to experience the revolutionary platform that combines all the modern HR Tech techniques in one and fulfills your goals in the most cost-effective Way.

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