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Premium Hybrid Recruitmant Service
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Premium Hybrid Recruitment Service (PHRS):

Hiring and recruitment is a very niche process which demands high-level expertise and a pool of devoted resources for its proper execution. The introduction of technologies, like AI, Machine Learning, and neural parsing mechanism have transformed the process by empowering the recruiters with advanced tools to acquire the right talent as well as equip them better to face the recruitment challenges. The Human-Machine collaboration has made the process cost effective by sparing fewer resources as well as hiring became much easier and faster with teaming up the two entities. In the recent past, many reports indicated it is important to involve both human expertise and technological prowess to bolster the innovation and efficiency across the organization and it is easier to gain a competitive edge, attain the business goals when both are complementing each other well.

MyAmichi has already registered its presence with smart hiring solutions in the recruitment industry with its proactive candidate matching platform powered by a highly efficient algorithm, implementing innovative use of high-end technologies like AI, MLP, and Neural Parsing Mechanism. Complemented by a large database of resumes from job seekers, it is capable of comparing the job description posted by the employer with the skills of the job seekers efficiently and provide appropriate matches to both parties seamlessly. It includes many more services like validating the candidates using outside sources, verified 360- degree analysis of the candidate profiles and hourly updates for recruiters etc. Now MyAmichi is introducing Premium Hybrid Recruitment Services (PHRS), which will assign dedicated MyAmichi Recruiters to your aid to review job requirements and screen the already listed candidates leveraging the already developed platform. This will enable the assigned professionals to connect with the selected few and present you with a list of the most suitable applicants to recruit. Once you decide, the recruiter will organize interviews with the candidates you have approved.

MyAmichi recruiting professionals will also assist you with the onboarding of the applicant you finalized and perform the background verification on the recruit. Cost-effective services customized to cater Indian recruitment job market, PHRS’s promise is an Assured Recruitment for its client with a nominal fee, which clients can conveniently pay after the candidate joins the organisation., we will continue to support the clients even after the hiring is done in the form of a One Time Free Replacement Service, included in PHRS to help the client to refill the vacancy if the recruit leaves within a certain period. The benefits include Extra 100 Connects, with that employers can connect with additional 100 candidates from more than a lakh profiles of candidates available.

It is important to communicate and engage personally to acquire and retain high-quality talents. To secure an edge in the present candidate driven market it is better to seek the help of an expert who will perform detail checks to evaluate and validate the candidates. This ensures better results and effective communication with the candidates, engaging with them personally and arranging interviews on your behalf. The help of executive recruiters makes the whole process faster, easier, efficient and also creates a pleasant experience for the candidate.

The PHRS combines the gift of the human ingeniousness with already available benefits from the Smart Hiring Platform. A few good reasons to employ the PHRS now as the hiring solution for your organization are:

  1. Ability to match efficiently the job requirements posted by the employers with the profiles of the candidates present in the database and thus able to source a list of prospective candidates predicting the suitability.
  2. Increased authenticity by engaging external sources to validate profiles of the candidate in the database along with carrying a verified 360-degree analysis of the same.
  3. The automatic filtering of the active and passive job seekers for the recruiters.
  4. Dedicated services of an experienced recruiter, who will be responsible for handling the complete end to end hiring process from sourcing and profiling to on-boarding of the candidate on your behalf.
  5. Expert help from the professionals to choose from a large pool of talent and find the best possible candidates to suit the hiring needs, who will complement your organizational culture.
  6. Employing a more personalized approach to attract and acquire quality talents to boost productivity.
  7. Revaluation and re-validation of the existing profiles and execute in detail background checks on the new hires to ensure increased efficiency and credibility of the process.
  8. In case of a recruit’s resignation within a certain time, substituting the same position with an alternative candidate with similar skills.
  9. Reducing the workload and freeing the resources of the employer and ensuring accuracy along with raising the speed and performance of the hiring and recruitment process.

Now exploit the expertise of a highly experienced team of professionals to find and employ quality talents. Our expert hiring team is able to finish the process of talent acquisition faster by implementing recruitment best practices and attract quality talents by better managing the job promotion and recruitment marketing efforts. Let PHRS bear the burden of your hiring worries and so that you can concentrate on your resources to drive innovation across the verticals and bring success to your organization with the help of an expert workforce. So why wait? Contact our support at bde@myamichi.com and start getting validated and screened candidates today.


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