Job Search Simplified: Easy Tips to Land Up You in a Dream Job

Tips to Land Up You in a Dream Job
Dan Smirnov

Are you still wondering how to grab or rather snatch the dream job you were waiting for so long? Whether fresh out of the college or you are someone with years of experience to brag about we all need a clear strategy to find and land on a job we are aiming at. Doesn’t matter if one is a complete fresher or is an experienced candidate looking for a change, it is important to research and define first the kind of jobs and position that are to be targeted. Then one can go for the industry they liked to be employed in. An aimless job searching is both tiring and fruitless. It is important to understand one’s strengths and interests and then target for the positions and roles to be employed that matches perfectly with their profiles. And rather than going for the numbers it is better to select a few jobs and companies and concentrate on them only. It will definitely increase the chances of the response as well as save your energy as well!

Introduce yourself well!

A CV or a resume is not only that will secure your entry in the job market it is the ultimate weapon that will help you to win the war. But it is important to keep your CV or the resume as brief and compact as possible. As the recruiters or the employers mostly in a rush go through too many profiles in a day it is likely, that a longer CV or a resume might not be screened through properly. So take some time and arrange your skills, experiences and other key points and then try to present them in a concise manner in your CV or a resume. A resume is normally shorter and contains a brief description of the skill sets and experiences and usually, the length of a CV is more and includes detail descriptions and information about the candidate. It is better to prepare both and send the one that is suitable for the position you are applying for. Even better if you can change and customise your CV when an updated version of it is asked from a recruiter. It is not always possible to revamp or rewrite a CV. But take a little time and reflect on the kind of profile recruiter need and go through the job description, company profile and then make necessary changes to your CV before applying to a job.

It is important to take utmost care and write your CV or a resume in a way that will represent your skillsets correctly and enhance your chances to be noticed. The key points should be clearly mentioned and the candidate must keep it clean, short and exact for a better result. To write and make best out of a CV or resume try to assume and understand what recruiters are looking for. Mention the keywords. Keywords can be a specific skill that the recruiters are searching for or the position in what you have worked in the past or it may be a certain degree or diploma or the industry you were engaged or all of it and more. So it is important to present your educational qualifications, skills, experiences, description of projects and past works that you have been done presented in a short and succinct manner to be noted by the recruiter or the automated process whatever in action.

Social Media at play!

Simply saying that social media has now become a part of our life will be an understatement it has almost entangled in our regular life in a way that it is hard to imagine life without spending a few minutes to our Facebook profiles. Everybody is hooked up to social media. But it also opened up loads of opportunities and if used properly can become a very effective tool in searching for an open position or even can play a huge role to help you to land you up in that dream job you are eyeing at. For instance, in the past couple of years, LinkedIn has graduated from being a place for a simple networking site for professionals to an absolute necessity.

New jobs are getting updated in LinkedIn and if you are searching for jobs LinkedIn is a major source. It is also important that your skill sets, experiences are listed properly and prole is updated regularly. As many recruiters and recruiting systems are consulting and referring to LinkedIn and other social media profiles while hiring. So log in to your LinkedIn account update your profile, add the new skill you have learned, qualification you have acquired, read and write posts, join the groups that are in line with your professional profile, participate in a discussion and try to connect with the people from the industry. It will help you to connect with the people with the same profile or with the persons who may be more experienced help you to gain some insights or you can connect with recruiters directly and find out about positions that are posted in LinkedIn.

Also, try to update other social media profiles with your latest employment information and try to create and keep it clean and in a way that reflects your personal best. With the growing importance of soft skills more and more recruiter are keen to profile the candidate correctly and trying to assume if the person will be a good cultural fit to their organisation are consulting the social media profiles of the prospective job seekers. So while searching for the jobs, it has become essential that your Facebook, Twitter and other profiles include your current educational and professional details and present you in a positive light. Jobs are also posted regularly in social media sites so these too are a rich source which can contribute greatly to your job searching activities. The same principle of networking opportunities also works here so connect with as many relevant people you can and use your social media profiles productively for your job search instead of being idle login once in a while or just enjoy reading and reposting texts and pictures let’s take a proactive approach to social media.

Get organised and be ready!

It is important to keep track of your job applications and responses. So prepare a document if you need to enlist the jobs and companies you have applied. Normally the job search involves a lot of communication. Starting from registering and uploading your CV and resume to applying to different job positions from the different companies, it involves strings of emails, messages, chats etc. a lot of channels of communication to attend. It is important to respond to them intelligently and present the best version of yourself every time as it will definitely increase your chances to get a positive answer. It begins with the phone calls and it is important that you attend them and if you cannot return the call dial the person as soon as possible or drop a text personally. It will reveal your sincerity and professionalism. If you received the call provide all the information and answer the questions as precisely as possible. So get organised and be ready.

Myamichi is on your side!

Myamichi can do wonder when it comes to your job search, as it is laced with new age technologies you simply need to register and upload your CV or resume to this platform and voila! It will start providing you jobs according to your profile. Unlike other platforms, it is intelligent analyses your profile from different perspectives and provides you with the exact matches from what you can choose the jobs that you want to apply. So you are relieved from going through countless jobs and find the one suit you the most. The platform also shows you the job you have applied and status of the application can also be tracked through the platform. So you can control and supervise your job search and follow the application process from the platform and there no need to engage yourself as all of it will be done automatically. The streamlined process also provides the opportunity to communicate with recruiters directly through the platform rather than answering emails and messages separately sparing the communication hassle that a job seeker has to go through in a traditional process. Involving the intelligent technologies and an automated system MyAmichi Smart Hiring Platform ensure that the process is absolutely free from error and free from human biases and so that job seekers enjoy a faster and extremely efficient process of recruiting.

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