Include, Engage and Involve: Stop your Employees from Quitting

Stop your Employees from Quitting
Dan Smirnov

It’s an employee’s world now and employers have to recognise it!

Employee turnover is nothing new, especially in certain industries. But earlier this year a report from Mercer comes as a rude shock to the industry experts as it stated one of every four employees in India wants to quit jobs. The reasons listed including a higher pay-check, performance-based pay, and opportunities for career advancement. What is more baffling is that same report confirming a high employee engagement index among the employees who are highly motivated and even proud of their organisation with yet are not shying away to leave their present company when presented with a better opportunity.

Another report from gallop observed the same trends in American workplaces where the survey found 51 % of the employees are actively looking for a job change and 63 % believe that they will be able to find a job as good as the present one despite the steady employee engagement score maintained in the region.

Numbers don’t lie. Employees are being rightfully termed as the customer of the workplace in the current talent-driven market and it is not enough to make them happy and satisfied to engage them effectively leaders has to ensure that employees are emotionally connected and invested in the present organisation. Every organisation and employees are different and belong to a different state of employee engagement level. So each needs a different strategy and a holistic employee engagement plan in place to attract, hire and retain their employees. But in general, there are some common steps to start with.

Start with Recruiting Better

Employ the right people for the right job. While recruiting, take the opportunity and use recruiting process itself to engage your prospective employees. Create a bond and establish a connection early with employing recruitment best practices and recruitment marketing policies and start the efforts of creating an inclusive workplace from the beginning.

Find an employee who is not only a perfect fit for the role but also complements your organisational culture very well. Orienting and training such a culturally fit employees are easy and also fewer resources are needed to be engaged. More importantly, they start to perform early. It is also comfortable and easier for such employees to work and they get accustomed in the organisation in the less time and what is most important is these recruits will seem to stay longer.

Diversified workforce means more quality talent and that leads to increased productivity and innovation. So to build an efficient talent pool that will perform better and stays longer.

Manage less and lead more

Leadership has been rose to second right next to the Rewards and Recognition in the Aon’s list of global engagement trends and this is enough to prove now is the time to really put these words into action. Several studies and experts are emphasising on establishing a comprehensive Employee Value Proposition (EVP) system to encounter the current employee turnover trend. EVP inclusive of all the rewards and benefits offered by the organisation will not only help to retain the employees but also assist in attracting and hiring talents.

It is important to Connect with them. Despite the abundant number of communication channels in an organisation effective communication and establishing human connection still largely depend on the individuals. Top to bottom and parallel, two-way clear communication is an absolute necessity to collaborate in work and even if the nature of work does not involve teamwork to perform efficiently an employee needs to have a clear idea about expectations and responsibilities to succeed. And positive and constructive feedbacks will reward you with a productive and highly motivated employee at work.

If possible inform them of the challenges that the company is facing or the changes in direction include them into the circle of trust so that they also return the favor. Reports are suggesting “flat managerial practices” to include employees more in decision making process and encouraging autonomy to increase their level of engagement as well as their value in the Organisation. And autonomy must be accompanied with a systematic accountability and evaluation system to work properly.

A clear Career path

Many reports and studies have indicated that a lack of career advancement opportunities is a leading reason for employees leaving their jobs. So offer employees a clear proposition of career advancement opportunities to retain them for a long time. Offer stimulating work, more responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities to grow and followed by constructive feedback to improve continuously; professional advancement is not only about the promotion but accomplishments and knowledge earned during the process. And the job satisfaction comes along with it is what interests the employees more.

Pays and Perks

Rewards and recognition have been regarded as the top engagement opportunity and there are several other studies that have confirmed the fact. But the interesting part is the study has indicated that the factor recognition is the key factor to put it in the top. Yes, money matters but a balanced mix of tangible and intangible rewards that are attracting the employees. Under the EVP salary, compensations and other benefits should be clearly defined. Performance-based pay or bonuses are a good way of recognising an employee contribution and can be a strong motivator but an oral mention or a few lines in the journal or simply a pat on the back can also make the difference. Nothing bits a humane touch. Organisations are also investing largely in training and skill advancement and elaborate employee wellbeing programs.

These can only be a mere start as there are many more factors are at play and these should be personalised according to the organisation and the employees into consideration. Organisations are also considering Big data and analytics as an avenue to understand these trends. But to connect with employees emotionally it is important to give them a clear idea of the goal. Include them in the vision; give them a purpose and inspire them to work hard for the company and themselves.

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