Good, Great and Exceptional: Some Impeccable Qualities to Identify a Rare Recruiter.

Impeccable Qualities to Identify a Rare Recruiter
Dan Smirnov

Recruiting is a vocation that requires some niche qualities to achieve success. During the past few years though technologies have created quite a buzz in the recruiting industry, a good recruiter is still remained instrumental in the process and even holds the power of making or breaking the process.  An expert and experienced recruiter not only process candidates but able to gauge their proclivity and propensity. They not only communicate they are also able to sell the position and market the organisation to the prospective hires effectively.

Recruiting is not an easy job especially in the recent tight labor market. So to be successful a good recruiter has to be a person who is highly goal-oriented, driven and profoundly in love with the job he/she does. Showing Resilience, the continuing under the unfavorable condition and handling pressure and failure is impossible unless they are passionate about their profession. The ability to connect, building a relationship with the candidates is essential for a good recruiter. A good recruiter must be a good communicator too. They must have the ability to influence and inspire a person. Another imperative of being a good recruiter is to listen. A good recruiter must listen to the candidate, client, hiring manager and people involved in the process.

Every professional recruiter knows the importance of time. More time invested in hiring a candidate more the cost of hiring goes up. Parsing through profiles, phone calls, emails, interviews, meetings; a good recruiter must have excellent time management skill to succeed.  A good recruiter has to be a good researcher as well. To secure the edge as a recruiter the person must be well aware of the industry. Recruiters research everything from the candidates, clients, jobs to recent trends in hiring whatever demands their attention. Being detail-oriented and meticulous are another two qualities that most successful recruiters own. The very nature of the job demands them to process a lot of information every day accurately so a recruiter must be diligent and careful with their work.

An innate quality that every successful recruiter must possess is being perceptive. A good recruiter must be able to judge human nature and intentions and should be able to see beyond the apparent disposition of the person.  A recruiter must have empathy and should be patient enough to guide and support a candidate throughout the hiring process. Good recruiters must play well with other people, and they must be sensitive to the candidate’s needs as creating a positive candidate experience is central to recruitment marketing and the very first step to engage the candidates. The recruiters here are actually representing the organisation, and more professional and humane the hiring process is better and brighter shines the brand image of the employer. A good recruiter is someone who not only helps them to find a job but involves with them, encourages them to take challenges, lead them when necessary and help them to progress and grow in their career.

Now with the changing realities in the candidate driven market mere delivering the candidates matching the job descriptions are not enough, recruiters now have to attract a good hire as well as retain them throughout the process. Writing a job description and simply publishing them will not do but a recruiter must be able to promote the role as well as the organisation in different media. Seismic changes are registered in the role and function of a recruiter.  Instead of explaining the job they are expected to tell a story to market the job, include entails and write a job description to entice talents and secure a competitive edge for the organisation. In addition to these now recruiters from the new generation are expected to be well acquainted with popular technologies in their trade and to be effective they must be capable of exploiting social media channels in their stride.

New Age hiring demands the perfect coordination of Man and Machine. The manual and recurrent activities are automated, and intelligent technologies are now bearing the burden of repetitive tasks recruiters now can focus more on people-centric approach. A good recruiter not only accommodates the technology bur drive the best out of it. Empowered with data-driven smart decisions, jobs that involve higher intelligence and emotional competence are still resting with the recruiters and success still depends on how well the interests of both candidates and employers are being bridged by the recruiters.

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