Emerging Employee Wellness Trends that will rule 2019

Employee Wellness Trends that will rule 2019
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The corporate wellness programs are the result of the businesses realizing in past few years how the onus of bearing the stress and struggle in the fiercely competitive market has wearing off their employees and affecting the quality of the work even resulting in the loss of working days and stagnating productivity and growth. Last year prediction of a 6.8 % rise in the already 50 billion wellness market is clearly depicting the increasing interest of the industry in embracing employee wellness trend seriously.

The poor work-life balance and employee burnout are the top concerns that needed to be addressed but that’s not all. The wellness challenges include the problems arising out of employees’ personal life and also have to be dealt with a comprehensive wellness plan. The change that has to be mentioned is the employee wellness trends have registered a major shift this year.

At first, the concerns of employee wellness programs were solely confined to ensure better physical wellbeing of the employees; gym, health checkups and promoting awareness regarding smoking, obesity etc. were the popular initiatives that have been implemented in the organizations and considered enough. Then last year the focus was shifted to more on the employee’s mental wellbeing and psychological and the other factors have come under the radar of the wellness experts as it became more and more evident that sole focus on physical wellbeing has failed to serve the purpose. So past one year, a more holistic wellness approach is being adopted throughout the industry inclusive of the components like social, financial and emotional wellbeing of the employee and as the several studies have indicated the trend will prevail in the coming year too.  Now let’s take a peak on the new dimensions of employee wellness programs included in the more collective well-being approach.

Social wellbeing

The idea of social health is comparatively newer and often been neglected too. Humans are social beings. So they need to connect with others. Employees must be encouraged to communicate with their colleagues and establish a bond with their peers. It will not only foster team spirit, collaborative efforts, and inclusiveness in the workplace and employee engagement but also create a positive atmosphere to brew innovation and yield productivity.

Another component of social well-being is social recognition. In many organizations, exceptional employees or the teams are being praised openly and mentioned in posts and reviews that are posted in internal forums, regularly. The higher management is constantly posting news, messages and using these channels to establish direct contact with the employees.

Emotional Wellbeing

The stress, fatigue, and constant tension caused by the job or arising out of events in the personal sphere both have a detrimental effect on the employee and so the work. And the eminent effect is the employee burnout. Many experts are stressing on promoting the idea of self-care and encouraging people to keep a log of their emotional state and take control of emotional it. Making time for themselves after work, engaging in rejuvenating activities are essential for maintaining the emotional wellbeing and of a person.

In the workplace, the stimulating work can battle the monotony, and to prevent early burnout overwork must be deterred. The element of fun must be present in every job and a happy employee is the most productive employee. Many industry giants have recognized the worth of these two simple but indispensable details and incorporated them in their highly successful wellbeing programs. Every day is not the same and bad days are unavoidable. So employees managing their own expectations, taking failures positively, measuring their own progress, and more importantly, celebrate the success and yourself more often is the key to the employee wellness.

Financial Wellbeing

Many Major companies have started dedicated service for their employees to provide financial advice after studies have indicated that finance has been a prime source discontent and worries among the employees to help them to manage their assets. The financial experts, coaches help to regulate and regain control of the financial lives the employees by managing the personal loans, debts and define a solid financial plan to ensure stability and security by mitigating the future risk and utilizing the all the financial resources and assets.

When it comes to successful implementation of wellness programs there is no common resolution. Every organization is different so is the employee wellness plan it needs. The goal of a wellness program is to endorse a comprehensive healthy lifestyle for their employees by adopting a broader approach that encompasses all the aspects inside and outside the workplace that plays the major role in employee wellbeing. Including to that, it is important that new components are being considered to make programs more effective like the community wellbeing, where an individual could feel safe and secured. Even family members and spouses are being included in the employee wellness programs. Another ongoing trend which going to stay the intensive use of new technologies in wellness initiatives. Fitness trackers, dedicated portals are already quite popular; adding to it being all the employee health data in one place it is safe to say employing data analytics to culminating a more customized wellness strategy will dominate the boardrooms in the coming year as well. As we can see already industry leaders are implementing personalized, 360-degree wellness programs based on data analytics around the globe. It will also help to measure the effectiveness of the current strategy and identifying the major factors that are affecting the process, ultimately contributing to developing better employee health and wellness program.

Though technology is a great tool, the main idea is to encourage human interaction, involvement, and belonging to create a positive impact on employee behavior. Elements of empathy and compassion are the basic need and critical in ensuring employee wellbeing as well as creating an environment conducive to produce better business outcomes. And HR professionals alone are not enough for an effective employee wellness program but the success of such programs will depend on the level of support and efforts invested by the organization, leaders, managers, immediate supervisor, colleagues and the employees themselves in wellness initiatives in the organization.

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