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Rise of Artificial Intelligence in HR & Recruitment
Dan Smirnov

The first mentions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in human civilization are older than the times Before Christ (BC). Centuries later, in the 20th century, when computer science actually originated, that was when the modern form of AI came into existence. Along with that, there have been numerous instances in art, literature, movies and other creative fronts where AI has been a part of the tale.

Through these references, we have made some assumptions about the way AI would become a part of our life. However, in the last 2-3 decades, especially after the advent of the internet, Artificial Intelligence has truly become a crucial part of our daily existence. Today, AI is everywhere, from improving our selfies and photographs to helping manage human beings and bringing suitable talent in an organization.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in HR & Recruitment

An important branch of computer science, Artificial Intelligence explores the areas of machine learning and mathematical patterns to mimic cognitive functions thus; making the human job easier. Artificial Intelligence evolved years ago, but today we are experiencing the benefits of developments done in the area of machine learning over time.

When it comes to Human Resource Management (HRM) and recruitment, contrary to popular belief about computers and technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps organizations place the right people in jobs, instead of replacing them or making unnecessary (As projected by various science fiction movies and novels). Today, the AI technology is helping organizations streamline or automate various areas of the HR process such as recruitment, training, performance review, as well as various other repetitive, and high-volume tasks.

Having said that, AI is no longer the future of the HR industry, it is the present; and in the coming years, it is only going to become even more relevant. And now is the right to introduce AI into your business process, most importantly HRM. 

MyAmichi – The AI-powered Intelligent Hiring Assistant You Need

MyAmichi is an advanced AI-based Smart Hiring Platform tailor-made for HR functions, especially recruitment. It has been created with years of research, identifying the challenges and continually working towards solving them. And the fruit of our efforts is a smart hiring platform that makes life simpler for both recruiter and job seeker.

MyAmichi is based on a smart algorithm coupled with Machine Learning Technique and Neural Parsing Mechanism. So, job seekers get a list of best opportunities suited to their profile on the platform. And the recruiters get the best candidates shortlisted according to their job postings.

The MyAmichi Advantage for Recruiters

MyAmichi empowers the recruiter with a smart & real-time recruitment solution that helps them control every criterion and single out the right candidate for the company’s hot jobs with just a few smart clicks and ticks. With MyAmichi you get a cost-effective recruitment solution, which gives the recruiter edge over traditional methods with a host of tools, that include:

  • Updating the company profile & posting varied job requirements
  •  Assessing candidates through verified 360-degree big data analysis
  •  Resultative candidates screening through the unified profiling system
  • Matching the vacant job postings with the right candidate through a smart algorithm
  • Real-time Deep Machine Learning technique makes hiring easy and smart
  • Proactively zero down the right candidate for any job with Neural Parsing Mechanism
  • Automatically filter the crowd by separating active and passive job seekers
  • Choose candidates who are in sync with the company’s requirements
  • Seamless control each job posting to ensure a perfect match
  • Receive hourly updates of new, validated candidate profiles

With MyAmichi you will not only get the best outcome but will also be able to close the hiring loop faster.

I invite you all to try MyAmichi for free and enjoy a hassle-free experience to hire smartly and surely with the revolutionary smart hiring platform.

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